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Get an Ultimate Beauty Package for Glowing Skin with Our Deep Sea Cosmetics Moisturizing Cream!

What you provide your customers when they ask for cosmetic creams made with natural elements for super glowing skin, or even stereotype moisturizing creams? Definitely, a chemical made skin creams right? Dr. Mud always have something unique to offer in this regard as we manufacture top quality, and totally reliable Deep sea cosmetics moisturizing cream.

Our provided Dead Sea moisturizing day cream is an amazing beauty product that is made from the mineral-rich resources from the Dead Sea, enhanced with Vitamin E, and the natural Aloe Vera extracts to keep your skin healthy and moisturized throughout the day.

Our anti-aging and anti-wrinkle day creams are best to fight against wrinkles, fine lines, and combating aging signs. Our Dead Sea day creams are created using mineral-rich Dead Sea mud to SPA feeling with a home facial mask, as well as a luxurious pampering gift.

Why Dead Sea Moisturizing Creams From Dr. Mud Only?

The Dead Sea moisturizing day cream which we provide is made of perfectly balanced formula with minerals from the Dead Sea minerals, and special plant extracts to give your skin the best protection. Besides, it has a light texture that easily absorbs in your skin, and adds more vitality to the user’s look.

It can also be taken as an excellent product for makeup base as well. For best use, just apply a small quantity onto the skin by gently massaging until it gets completely absorbed in skin. Other features includes;

The deep-sea cosmetics moisturizing day cream has the healing power to prevent your skin from becoming oily during the day and reduces the appearance of pimples and acne.

  • It is popular as the best facial lotions in the cosmetic market so far, since it comprises of strong firming effects, and also helpful for large pores
  • Free of any such side effects that is linked with chemically made moisturizing creams. This makes it versatile for all age group
  • It helps in improving skin and gives a youthful look. It also tightens your skin, and best for older people
  • Makes skin feel soft

What Other Types Of Day Cream Products We Have?

Apart from manufacturing reliable Dead Sea day cream anti-wrinkle, and moisturizing day creams, we also make facial cleansers, anti-wrinkle day creams, moisturizers for all skin types and ages, and Dead Sea moisturizing creams for subtle and acne-prone skin.

Our rich Deep sea cosmetics moisturizing creams, created with mineral extracts taken from the recuperating mud and the Dead Sea Salt at the absolute bottom on earth, are popular for their inexplicable impact, leaving your skin gleaming and young.

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