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Dead Sea Cosmetics Wholesale: Dr.MUD Dead Sea Cosmetics creates business opportunities and cooperates with distributors and retailers from all over the world, making huge effort to create products suitable for all the different markets.
Our team is ready to get to know you and your needs and to create the perfect opportunity for you!
We would welcome the opportunity to meet with your company and show you how our products and services can fulfill your sourcing needs.

Take your beauty and cosmetics business to the next level and delight your customers with Dr.MUD DEAD SEA Skin Care Products. Guaranteed to be a hit with customers of all ages, our products are nature driven with ingredients sourced directly from the Dead Sea!

At Dr. Mud Dead Sea, we’ve established ourselves as the largest and most reliable supplier in Dead Sea mud mining. Our success is built on a steadfast commitment to quality, consistency, and unparalleled customer service.

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Approach Dr.MUD If Your Business Needs Best Dead Sea Cosmetics Supplier!

Welcome to Dr.MUD Dead Sea, the leading Dead Sea cosmetics develop. Now expand your business sales and revenue by getting our beauty products at convenient wholesale rates to enjoy enough profit margins, sell them to retail stores and chains, or directly to the end user.

Our dead sea cosmetics are manufactured with pure Dead Sea minerals which are rich in vitamins, plant extracts and aromatic oils for a perfect healthy and glowing skin.

All of our skin care, and beauty cosmetics products are manufactured as per the global production regulations GMP. Besides, all cosmetics products are Paraben free, and not animal tested.

We further sells Dead Sea mud wholesale, worldwide through professional distributor’s channel. Either you approach us being a professional partner to expand with an additional brands, or a distributor with distribution channels with the need of top quality cosmetics products to leverage your cosmetics market, we are the solution for everything.


Our two profitable pillars among the entire cosmetic industry are; Dead Sea cosmetics wholesale and Dead Sea mud wholesale. Clients approach us in charm of these two main silver packages as it can facilitate them with following perks;

  • Offer your customers a broader and more diverse product line
  • With us, you get a chance to work with a reliable and flexible supplier
  • By joining our successful cosmetics sales network, you can offer your customers unique and proven Dead Sea cosmetics to improve customer satisfaction and attract new customers

With the wisdom of nature and state-of-the-art technology, our Dead Sea Mud wholesale continues to be the leading Dead Sea cosmetic brand with the finest ingredients, botanicals, Dead Sea minerals, and expertise of world’s finest scientists.


Because Dr.MUD was established with an aim to cater the requirement of all those independent entrepreneurs, cosmetic retailers, and consumers who wish to acquire something unique, original, and authentic in their beauty products that can benefits their consumers and customers both.

We are proud to offer an extensive range of products that have been formulated using latest natural ingredient technology and invention.


Dead Sea Cosmetics Wholesale Our company is dedicatedly committed to manufacture high quality, and standard Dead Sea cosmetic products in line with all global governing bodies.

If you are interested to buy our dead sea cosmetics wholesale, or dead sea mud wholesale; then don’t delay! Your dead sea cosmetics supplier is just a call away!


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