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Smooth Your Cosmetic Business with Our Provided Dead Sea Minerals Body Lotion

When it comes to look for an utmost body care solution in terms of creams, masks, and lotions, then customers often look for perfect body lotions that are not only reliable in terms of used chemicals, but also in terms of its effectiveness, and body smoothing. Dr. Mud stands top here as it provides best Dead Sea minerals body lotion, at an amazing wholesale prices.

The rich body lotions from the house of Dr. Mud helps in nourishing itchy, dry skin and retain body softness. Our deep sea natural mineral body lotion is made with best-selling formula that quickly absorbs without feeling greasy or sticky, and is made with nutrient-rich Dead Sea water, Aloe Vera and smoothing Witch Hazel.

How Our Body Lotions Are Made?

All mineral body lotions from Dr. Mud Sea are made with Dead Sea minerals, and all these products tend to heal your dry skin and encourage healthy skin all over.  Our Dead Sea body lotions covers immense range of products including; Dead Sea cleansing milks, mineral shower gels, to body moisturizers for dry skin, sensitive skin, and acne prone skin.

The Dead Sea from which our skin products are made, is actually Israel’s natural wonder, one of the lowest points on earth, and the mud at its shores is rich with Dead Sea salts and minerals with healing properties. It is no big surprise that Dead Sea Spa items are so well known around the world, and here at we have a colossal assortment of Dead Sea spa items, dispatched legitimately to you from Israel.

Notable Product Features

For a treat Spa experience choose Dead Sea spa bath salts, use a Minerals Aromatics Dead Sea salt scrub or indulge in a bar of pure Dead Sea mud, the ultimate Dead Sea Spa product.

Whatever your age, skin type or beauty routine we sell a Dead Sea product that is sure to revitalize you and restore glowing healthy skin. Our Dead Sea salt scrubs and Body Butters make great gifts, and with our low prices and international delivery you won’t get a better deal.

  • Fill skin with 21 essential minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium
  • The quickly absorbing non-greasy lotion nourishes dry, itchy skin, and provides refreshing hydration
  • Best to uplift skin moisture

Don’t wait, shop deep sea natural mineral body lotions and body mud masks from Dr. Mud to leverage your cosmetic business!

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