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Welcome to Dr.MUD Dead Sea Cosmetics, your gateway to natural beauty and rejuvenation. Experience the healing power of Dead Sea minerals with our exclusive range of Dead Sea mud masks, Dead Sea bath salts, moisturizing creams, and more. Our Dead Sea products are crafted to nourish, hydrate, and illuminate your skin. Explore our collection and treat yourself to a home spa treatment today

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Our premium spa experience will leave your skin cleaner, more moisturized and more nourished.

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Dr.MUD Dead Sea Cosmetics 

From the mystical shores of the Dead Sea to your skincare routine, Dr.MUD Dead Sea Cosmetics embodies a journey of discovery, innovation, and natural beauty. Our story begins with a passion for the therapeutic wonders of the Dead Sea’s mineral-rich mud and salts. We’ve harnessed these ancient, healing elements to create a line of Dead Sea skincare products that not only nourish and rejuvenate the skin but also pay homage to the timeless traditions of wellness.


The use in the mud as a therapeutic mud has been known for thousands of years. Because the mud is rich in minerals and salts it softens and nourishes the skin absorbs toxins and gives a sense of peace and relaxation.


Dr.MUD black mud undergoes a unique filtration process to ensure only valuable and beneficial skin minerals are maintained while any impurities or non-effective ingredients are removed.

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Dr.MUD Implements the study of the Dead Sea unique components, initializing the powers of Dead Sea Salt, Dead Sea mud, and Dead Sea minerals water for developing the products like Dead Sea Cream that don’t just care for your skin. They help your skincare for itself.

Dr.MUD provides the most advanced cosmetics technology for you in combination with the famed minerals from the Dead Sea. We aim to bring significant improvement to the condition of the body and the skin’s health due to years of research and development.

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The Dead Sea is highly concentrated with salts and minerals (31.5% minerals) which are enriched with Chloride salts of Magnesium, Bromine, Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, and more. These elements help us to create a range of products like Dead Sea, black mud, and many more.

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The Dead Sea’s abundance of therapeutic properties has led many to travel to its shores and soak in the majestic waters.
The unique composition of the water helps it to penetrate the skin deeply without causing irritation.This is because the salt from The Dead Sea contains more than 21 minerals, all of which have been proven to nourish and treat skin in a variety of ways, leading to improved hydration and rejuvenation, allowing feeling and looking healthier.

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